Baltiq Plaza w Gdyni

Gdynia, Baltiq Plaza

BALTIQ PLAZA sets a new direction for the developing od Gdynia. It introduces freshness, energy and modern design into city space.The investment is comfortable apartments, luxury apartments, and also surfaces designed with services and business. The building is located in the center of the young city, next to the Musical Theater, on the most important and the most known street Świętojańska.

The Baltiq Plaza investment was significant in the creation of the GRADARA product line. The investor's requirement was to create an interior entrance door not only on the hidden frame, but also in the verte version – open to the apartments. Designed doors are the first on Polish market door with bulgrary resistance in the class RC3 on hidden frame. And as the Baltiq Plaza investment was announced as the CONSTRUCTION of the year 2015, so the GRADARA HIGHLINE doors won the most important award in door trade – GOLD MEDAL BUDMA trade fairs in 2016 and in 2018 for fire collection.

The innovation of the door is also provides by the possibility of finishing them with various finishing materials. The hidden frame allows the use the same as well as different finishing materials on the door leaf and the wall surface. Construction of aluminum door profile allows for perfect facing of wall surface and door leaf, at the same time protect corners against mechanical damages. Therefore designers could include various materials on the doors and wall like flass, ceramic, venner and wallpaper.

Investment dossier

City: Gdynia
Estate: Baltiq
Developer: Moderna Holding
Moderna Holding

A developer specializing in the construction of luxury and ageless real estate. It takes difficult challenges, choosing the most attractive locations in the city center. He approaches to the investment in a comprehensive manner, providing modern services ensuring full comfort of use.


Scope of implementation: delivery and installation of interior entrance doors to the apartments
Date of implementation: November 2015

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