Meet GRADARA doors

Is there a better reason than safety and quality?

Beautiful deatils

The door leaf enclosed in an alluminium frame. Door frames with wide architrave panels or hiden frame.

Effective procetion

Burglary resistance class RC3, fire protection EI 30 (FIRE edition), acoustic insulation 37 dB.

Effective finish

Wide range of finishes from traditional single color, to wood patterns with a nature looking structure.

It dose not matter if you enter a studio or an impressive large apartament, doors are in the center of anttention. The entrance doors, in contrast of the classic living room door, must not only have specific technical parameters but also meet your expectations. Our GRADARA door will match your expecations and additionaly they will do it in beautiful style. The hardware used in GRADARA door gives you RC3 level of anti-burglary guarantee. Special construction of GRADARA door will give you certainty of fire procetion (FIRE eddition), and the materials used in the GRADARA doors ensure peace and quiet for you and your family.

Secret of a GRADARA door

GRADARA hardware - solid accessories, high quality

When creating the GRADARA door we wanted to choose accessories that not only help maintain the right class of anti-burglary, but also achieve a designer aesthetics of the door. Complete equipment, sold at a standard price, means that you can sleep well without worrying about what is happening behind the door.

Additional hardware

It's not everything

Door matched to your needs.

GRADARA door protect you, your family and your property from negative influences such as burglary or fire.

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You do not know which door model to choose? Do you have any doubts the different between each model? Select model that interest you and compare them with each other. Our comparison system in easy and quick way will show you significant differences between each GRADARA model.

If you still do not know which door model to choose, we advise you to visit the showroom selling GRADARA door. These are companies that provide expert advice and installation. Sellers will help you to choose right dimensions, the opening site, make a measurement that will help to order right doors. These are companies that provide expert advice and installation. They will also help you to choose the best solution for you.

How we cooperate?

Our experience in woodwork industry allow us to properly manage the investment project in the selection of doors. We cooperate and we want to cooperate with partners who carry out investments in a reliable and concrete way. We help architects choose a solution to the investor's requirements or legal requirements. On the other hand, we prepare an offer to adapt to the requirements of an architect, designer or investor.

Any questions?

Our company is available to all customers every working days from 8 am to 4 pm. We invite to direct contact with us: individual clients, investment clients, architects and employees of showrooms with doors. We will present you an door offer, suggest what you need to pay attention to when planning the mounting hole. We will show you where you can buy the GRADARA door an w will indicate authorized door installer. Our Sales Support Department also provides information about pricing and opportunities for non-standard orders.